Manifest Destiny by Uisge Beatha

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Summary: Early season 5, before the episode Out Of My Mind. Turns out that an ancient coin, a pissed off vampire, and a Slayer with an attitude are not mixy things.

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Chapters 1-4
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Chapters 13-16
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Chapters 17-20
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Chapter 21: Let's Give 'em Something To Talk About
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Chapter 22: Back in the Saddle Again
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Chapter Notes: I know I say this every time I post a chapter, but this chapter it is PARTICULARLY true. My betas are the very best. Thanks so much to nnaylime for putting up with niggling and inpatience in getting my beta back, and for graciously allowing me to steal your "motto" for Buffy's little job. And to beanbeans, ZOMG this chapter would not even be a twinkle in my crooked little mind if it's weren't for you. Not just because of your fabulous beta, but by being my biggest cheerleader. You truly rock, sweetie and I can never thank you enough for helping make me a better writer.

Chapter 23: My Wild Frontier
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Chapter 24: Somewhere Other Than the Night
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Chapter Notes: Thanks so much to all the readers who have hung in there through this story's long hiatus. I appreciate all the chapter comments and emails -- you're the reason this tale is still rumbling along. As always, thanks to nnaylime and beanbeans for the fabulous betas.